First day of the New Year 2019

I want to write something again. I have not posted much since springtime last year. Being busy travelling and meeting with people active in the movement let me think about real life experience and enjoy it more than anything else. I enjoyed my time fully. Have seen new techniques with various natural materials, learned a lot from pole lathe turning too. Internet is a part of spreading the word though i always have felt that it is important to know the diference between the quality of the time spent with some smart gadget and real, all my senses experience. Hopefully i can be more active, make posts, share experiences and ideas as the spells of the year turn in the big circle. I also play with the idea of doing the famous 365 spoons project, starting today. Not easy one i think but challenging and keeping me in a good rhytm hopefully.

Now I took a nice picture yesterday and it is a good one to recall how fascinating is the tree when we have some time to watch. I feel grateful that i can use wood to create all the little things i make. The same for larger projects. I love trees never trying to picture spoon blanks or boards in their beautiful bodies. (But once got my hands on a piece already cut or fallen that is very different.)

Apart from using my camera, phone and a keyboard i live a simple life, not living fast, happy to have „timeless“ experiences, from time to time of course, but so much important when it comes to feel the connection, immerse myself into my work and feel the spirit in my heart.

i do not forget about it everytime i walk under the canopy or a crown of the tree, even often when i swing my axe and listen to the story the piece of wood reveals to me.

The craft keeps me in a very close relationship with all the things natural useful in daily life and teaches me to respect how things are born in the circle of the year. I cant say how happy i am to be part of the growing comunity of people who all share the knowledge together and feel alike about the need of bringing some green solutions very often. The whole woodworking renaissance is very young though it is a way how to avoid some terrible aspects of the modern life and still do not resign on being a cultural man living in a society. Many crafts like pottery or blacksmithing are better organised and developed compared to the greenwoodworking but of course there is a great potential and versatility the wood has as a material. I see more and more wonderful pieces being made by very young people .The recipe to become a maker and contribute to your community in a big way is incredibly simple – get a few Basic tools, not too many is enough, work hard, be patient, create (or be inspired by) good ideas that help to stop buying goods made out of plastics for instance or other even worse materials. I wount call myself extremist just some resistance is important as well😉. We can make many things useful and beautiful. This is not arts&crafts movement alike story. Times has changed. The knowledge that has been almost lost is quickly gathering thanks to the very greenwoodworking pioneers. I am not the only one inspired by these guys. Imagine! Many of us know how dirty the oceans are already – something with roots also in our daily lives and here is the path though not an overall solution. So i keep on forging towards some better future while enjoying a big fun with all the other passionate carvers. And i love it!

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