Seven spoons of the new year

What a bravery! 😉 Ha, well, it is nice to achieve something like that – to carve 7 spoons in a raw. Bigger deeds were seen in the Spoonworld though. Have you read the first post of the year you would know something bigger should come. Still not something nobody has done before.. I will get back to this later.

So what does these seven spoons mean? A highly skilled carver should be able to carve the number in one day (With the wood or blanks ready, of a good production quality, no extras and not each one different i think. ) Is all this starting kind of exam for me? Or do i just want to show off? Hmm, anybody able to accomplish carving a spoon a day throughout the whole year has my respect. There’s hard to say how it could work for me, it can easily wind up by not being able to find the time or a suitable piece of wood to keep the chain of days after say 200th piece. I also do not want to feel enslaved by the idea. On the other hand sticking to that and forging ahead may help one to strenghten the will which helps in many areas of life. All in all it’s hard to keep it like a promise and only if i succeed and would feel superior that would be pretty egoistic. I simply enjoy it as a challenge with positive aspects.

Could somethink like this be kind of spooncarvers final exam really?! Universal one? I doubt that and the goal alone would spoil the sense of the „way“. If there was sort of organisation keeping an eye on quality of the production and rules, giving a diploma at some point as a proof one is skilled enough in carving spoons what would the criteria for that be? Number of spoons already carved, perfect functionality, fine finish inside the bowl.. ? There are endless forms and functions and the values one feels as important. On the other hand the know how to use the tools for the job and also the knowledge of how to make a good spoon has become much deeper through experience to me. But back to the basics – it should deliver a mouthful of some tasteful meal from a bowl and ho back again with a pleasant feel.

Wood is beautiful, have a positive effect on ones mind and body and there are many reasons to use/carve a wooden spoon. Whether you enjoy it or not that matters. I think apart from exercising desing, and sharing with friends it is not just a contribution to the greener way of living but also a way how to start learning and gradually master the axe, which is a powerful tool in experienced hands, and knives, the most simple tools man have since prehistoric time. It is still quite small community of sponcarvers and greenwoodworkers but many are building fine skills to make even better things for the future.

These spoons are not for sale. I want to keep them along with others and hopefully complete a whole set.

I would like to get back to posting about the project, the origin of the idea and with a fresh experience in a month.

Please if you like the idea keep your fingers crossed and think about it, start another project of your own or write into comments 🙂

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