Good grip column I. Powerful cut (SHARP TOOL PICTURED! )

A carving knife is a wonderful „tool“ . No one should misunderstand that and mustn’t misuse that. Perhaps thanks to that the piece of wood which would be the knife cutting is missing in the picture it looks dangerous. Well although i can hardly say these pictures have an extra artistic quality for me they picture not only the tool and the hand, the way how to handle it but there’s something more to it.. but in fact working with a sharp tool could be dangerous and it is good to always have this on mind. If you would like to try the grips and you are not an experienced craftsman, be extra careful. Also, do not try to make up how the tool cuts wood or anything if you hold it like my hand in the picture if you don’t know how to lead the knife and in which position should the rest of your body be buddy. Pictures, that’s what is this post about.

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