New axe handle

This axe has got a new handle now. I am happy with it, can’t wait to make a new experience in various jobs. Its good old ash. The previous one got a split in the shoulder and then just broke when i did some hard work. This one is much simpler really. I enjoy to hold it even closer to the axe head. Its jaw prolongs your hand so and it is like hidden inside that. I made it much thicker at the other end instead of shaping another curve going back. The handle makes half of the tool, it’s really important. It’s good to tune it up according to the head shape, your favourite working position or the way you cut the wood. It is not something one thinks about much when splitting firewood but it’s definitively good to pay attention to it for carving. I am aware of what the handle allows me while i am shaping a piece of wood, the freedom of movement or more secure and accurate cut.

This is slightly under one kg so a bit above Gransfors carving axe. That means a lot. The way of working with an axe is heavily affected by its weight. Its longer handle makes it even more effective for removing material when i do bowl blanks or shape branches or some smaller logs. To get into some details on a spoon blank you need to really feel one with that but even after few years i still prefer a smaller, lighter hatchet for the job.

Bearded axes are made by blacksmiths. Some goes even without handle and so you can make your own. Some experience in carving is good for that.

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