I failed but not in vain

Well, i didn’t make it. The 365 spoons a year or a spoon a day project i started on the New Year was too demanding for me. I kept on carving about two months but my busy schedule and more than a week of illness meant that althought i tried to make two or three a day at some point to make it up for the delay once the troubles with my job started i had to stop and surrender. But it was like a battle in the war though i am quite a peaceful man and pacifist. Once i tasted what it means to carve so regularly, not burning myself into too much projects i could not finish up in the end for various reasons (that had happened to me before quite often) i discovered it helps me to organise my time and space for my spooncraft. So in fact i keep on carving, looking forward to a second chance to start the whole project again as i only see now it really can mean a lot for a carver to go through this experience.

.. few of the spoons.

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